Wheel Alignment & Balancing

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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel alignment is very important to ensure your tyres do not wear prematurely. Tyre rotation and balance are two very important steps in keeping your four wheels rolling properly.

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Wheel alignment

A proper alignment means less wear and tear on steering/suspension components. When a vehicle’s alignment is not in its manufacturer-recommended specification, the vehicle might drift/float or pull in different directions and lead to uneven tire wear and unnecessary stress on steering/suspension components.

We always recommend an alignment when new tyres are fitted to ensure proper performance of your purchase. If one of our techs feels that your vehicles alignment is not within its proper specification we will alert you to this and inform you of the proper steps to take.
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Some vehicles are not equipped from the factory with the necessary hardware to make all the required alignment adjustments.

Sometimes, modified bolts and/or eccentric bolt kits/spacers need to be installed before proper adjustments can be made.

Service kits usually require additional labour to install them and the cost of each kit varies per vehicle. One of our service professionals will be able to answer all of your questions at the time of your appointment.
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Wheel balancing

Rotating tyres every 10,000km will keep your tyres wearing properly. Front tyres always wear a little faster than rears because you are constantly turning them which causes more stress/wear. Rotating these tyres to the rear, and moving the rears to the front will keep all fours of your tyres wearing evenly.

Wheel balance can be thrown off by many variants including: Tyre Wear, Rust/Corrosion, Pot Holes, Weights Coming Off. Having a set of four tyres balanced while they are off the vehicle for a rotation is never a bad idea.

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